-Dr. Seuss

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Room 43's Door

What Goes On Behind Room 43's Door
By R. R. Stokes
BeKaH's Blog

The apple sits unripe and green, though clean.
Pale faces look don't dare look up from their chairs.
The room is still and bare.
The chalkboard sits cold and grey and on it tiny letters and hopeless equations are sprayed.
A hard, icy blue eye stares out from beneath a magnifying glass for those whose sight is impaired.
Searching like a frog, waiting to let her tongue fly and make any little noise pay.
A sneeze sounds. SLAP!! goes her ruler accompanied by the ring of the lunch bell.
Safe for now, not so safe later on.
A slow scraping of chairs against the squeaky clean floor.
A quick and silent attempt starts, to get out the door and into the hall, before she can speak at all.

While others frolic and play, those from her class sit silent as mice. 
Each thinking of how to get too sick to go to school the next day. 


Hi! Today I am going to blog about Fall :) I hope you enjoy it!

 Pink's out. Red's the new green.
Weathered old trees shed their Summer leaves.
The last of the flowers have gone, in favour of rain showers.
Only a few are here to stay. The rest just go away. Maples let go of their vast storage of whirly birds. The mighty Firs strip their trunks bare to warm the cold ground, and make a soft blanket for those in their snug holes under the dirt, so black. As well as a welcoming mat, for those who come back.

And another one :)......

Diamonds of dew twinkle on Ms. C. Spider's handiwork as the sun reveals the night's hidden treasures.
Cool and crisp, the morning air.
 Morning Glories open with care. 
Mr. D. Rooster cock-a-tooing loud and clear to wake all those that lay.
Little rabbits gaily at play, conspire, as they plan their day.
Dear old Mrs. F. Owl closes her eyes for a nap.
All on a Fall Morning.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Who is Jesus (not DEBUT)

HI FOLKS! Here's the second 'Who is Jesus' and guess what?! It's not a DEBUT!
Hope you like it :)

Rebekah Stokes 

(Blog Author)

is seeing the first flower bud in May
is the clinking of knitting needles
is having your phone ringer turned off for a whole day
is outside just after the first snow 
is doing something because it's right
is the day spent at the beach with a book 
is the last rays of the sun melting into to the moon light
is not worrying about tomorrow


By Rebekah Stokes

Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Flowers Are Better Than Ferraris

Hello! This is my post about of  'Why Flowers Are Better Than Ferraris'

Flowers are better than Ferraris because............................

1. Ferraris stink of gas and unnecessary pollution, whereas flowers not only smell good, they are very good for the natural environment because they feed the bees and many animals.

 2. Flowers acquire their beautiful looks naturally and those looks last all their lives, Ferraris have to get paint jobs every few months.

3. Most people who have Ferraris are very snobby, whereas people who have flowers are not. 

4. Flowers are beautiful no matter what kind they are.  Most Ferrari kinds are quite ugly. 

5. If you crush up flowers (sometimes)  you can make dyes. All you get if you crush up a Ferrari is a crushed up Ferrari (and a really mad car owner).

6. Flowers can grow in two different habitats, the wild and your garden. Ferraris can only grow.... no where.

7. If you put flowers on your cakes or  dresses or shoes it will make them look much better. All that will happen if you put a Ferrari on all those things is: a squashed cake, a torn dress, and oily shoes.

8. You can put flowers in a lovely vase full of  water and nothing bad will happen to them. If you put a Ferrari in a vase of water it will rust. 

And that dear people is  'Why Flowers Are Better Than Ferraris'



PS The views expressed in this post are mostly just opinions and are not meant as offence to anyone 

i.e. I'm just a poor girl who has a brother who thinks anyone would be crazy not to love Ferraris. However, I do not love Ferraris and I believe the feeling is mutual.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Shoes and Feet............Feet and Shoes

If you have shoes on your feet

They can make you elite

Though, they can also get you beat.

Feet in shoes can make you muse, the possibility of feet without shoes.

And how feet in shoes can make you lose

However, while this is true....

Shoes on feet can make you look so sleek

 Feet in shoes are great for tramping around in the mud with you!

Shoes on feet are also fantastic for the beach!

Shoes can be a fashionable occupation.

They also can help clothe nations!

A foot for every shoe

A shoe for every foot

Feet, Feet, Feet
They can't be beat!
Shoes, shoes, shoes,
I like 'em
How about you?

This post is brought to you by:

Rebekah Stokes
Helping you defeet boringness with shoes!

Have a great day!
Bekah :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

M.F. P. F. T. F.

Hi! Today I am blogging about what I want to do and be when I grow up.

A fashion designer!

A maker of delicious salads!
(just ignore the fact there's a  bug in it and you'll find it's a lovely  salad,
with a nice crunch to it!)

A florist!
( We've all got to start somewhere)

A dog trainer!
(Okay, for the record, she was not running away from me.
She was jogging very fast)

An artist!
(Beautiful, isn't it?)

A hot air balloonist!
(Hey, at least they flew! And anyway, my heart was rapidly approaching  space along with them!)

  A grower of grass! 
(You know, I think the cracked mud spots are really coming into fashion! My cat likes it, that should count for something!)

So that's what I want to be when I grow up, folks! I know you will always be my wonderfully consistent and best customers! 

Rebekah Stokes

(PS: this is the real Rebekah speaking: all the views expressed in this blog post have no consequential values and are not to be shown to my future employer. 
i.e. Everything in this post (except my name) is SO not real!)

PPS M.F.P.F.T.F stands for 'My Future Plans For The Future

Monday, September 29, 2014

Who is Jesus? DEBUT :)!

Hi! Here's the first, Who is Jesus?. And it's a DEBUT too! I hope you like it :)
Rebekah Stokes
(Bekah's Blog, author)


is laughter without fear

is the baby's first cry 
is having your family near
is when pink shows through the night sky 
is the day you adopt a puppy
is a hug from your little buddy 
is the unspoiled moment of pure happiness


By Rebekah Stokes

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi! My name's Bekah and this is my new blog!
I'm eleven,soon to be twelve :), years old and I live just outside of Fort Langley, B.C. on two acres of forest with my mom, dad, Sarah (my sister), Matt (my brother), Taffy (our dog), and Moe and Sugar (my two cats). Our current housing is a teeny (and I mean teeny :)!) tiny 100 year cabin and with a lawn that only looks nice when there's four feet of snow outside (then the fence is covered too:)!) See what I mean?
Though soon we'll be tearing the cabin down and  we'll move into our  barn/ carriage house (which is a building with a house on top and a garage on the bottom) that we built  across from the cabin and it's beautiful!!
We'll live there until we finish building our big house, which will stand where the cabin was. Then we'll move into the big house and rent out the carriage house :)
Moe and Sugar (my cats, remember? :)) won't be too happy about moving out of the cabin though, because they inhabit the basement (which is basically a whole bunch of cement floor and storage, but they like it :)) and when we knock down the cabin, there goes their bedroom!! I don't think they'll like their new quarters in the barn's garage as much, but as my mother would say "they're just cats"!Though I'm sure that my family would agree with me (though they may not make that fact known) when I say " They're part of our family." :)

Moe (girl) on the left, Sugar (boy) on the right :)
(I know, gender confused names :)!Moe is for Mohawk, she has one :) and Sugar, well if you knew him you would soon realize why!)
 Well that's a little bit of me! See ya later!!!
Photos by Rebekah Stokes