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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hi! My name's Bekah and this is my new blog!
I'm eleven,soon to be twelve :), years old and I live just outside of Fort Langley, B.C. on two acres of forest with my mom, dad, Sarah (my sister), Matt (my brother), Taffy (our dog), and Moe and Sugar (my two cats). Our current housing is a teeny (and I mean teeny :)!) tiny 100 year cabin and with a lawn that only looks nice when there's four feet of snow outside (then the fence is covered too:)!) See what I mean?
Though soon we'll be tearing the cabin down and  we'll move into our  barn/ carriage house (which is a building with a house on top and a garage on the bottom) that we built  across from the cabin and it's beautiful!!
We'll live there until we finish building our big house, which will stand where the cabin was. Then we'll move into the big house and rent out the carriage house :)
Moe and Sugar (my cats, remember? :)) won't be too happy about moving out of the cabin though, because they inhabit the basement (which is basically a whole bunch of cement floor and storage, but they like it :)) and when we knock down the cabin, there goes their bedroom!! I don't think they'll like their new quarters in the barn's garage as much, but as my mother would say "they're just cats"!Though I'm sure that my family would agree with me (though they may not make that fact known) when I say " They're part of our family." :)

Moe (girl) on the left, Sugar (boy) on the right :)
(I know, gender confused names :)!Moe is for Mohawk, she has one :) and Sugar, well if you knew him you would soon realize why!)
 Well that's a little bit of me! See ya later!!!
Photos by Rebekah Stokes

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