-Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Your Story

Some people write about depression. Some write about joy. Some enjoy mystery. 
Some deploy something deep inside to make their stories land on bookstore's shelves worldwide. 
Some take a pen into nature. 
Some succumb to the lure of the fireplace and the hot chocolate taste. 
Some just go where a thing called inspiration whisks them. 
Some will sit down, write and be done. 
Some write for political purposes.
 Some write for carefree children.  
Some listen for their story. Some look for their story. Some learn their story. 

All of us can write. 
By human standards, some better than others. 
By God standards, everyone writes the way he made them to write.
We all have a story. What you may ask? 
The answer would be, 
Your life is a story, worth telling. Because God is the ultimate story maker. 
And guess what? 
He also made,

Thank YOU!
Rebekah Stokes
Author of BeKaH's Blog

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

what you hear in the front seat of a car (not my most inspired title!)

It is amazing what you can hear if you sit in the front seat of a car long enough. 
For instance, an off tune rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’.  Someone explaining, in an English peasant accent, how to win a trip to ‘Go Bananas’. Also a good example, two young voices whispering about some scheme about to be revealed in the next few minutes. A new nickname being tested, and rebuked. A discussion about the supposably ‘purple puke’ found beside the river on garbage clean-up day. An awed voice exclaiming about the tree lined drive that is being driven through. Two high pitched giggles omitted from the very back of the car. A conversation of some rusted treasure found in the midst of hide and seek. A newly developed dialect evolving with laughing at the end of each sentence. A tune hummed with words soon to be added. A talk of how popular so in so is for creating movies in. A  topic of weddings becomes a talk of how 'unpredictable the weather is around here'. An attempt at the drama exercises you taught your little sister go horribly wrong. You are interrupted in from your writing by the remark “ You have issues”. You offer a few sharp remarks of your own and then having silenced the various voices of doubt, you resume.  Now on the subject of writing, a new book idea is started with the intention of seeing how easy it is to write a certain authors books and advice asked on that subject from the all knowing aunty. A mix of voices fades away as the directions for getting out of the car are uttered and the engine’s noise slowly drains away. Doors are opened and eager feet jump out. A reminder of possessions that must be taken in or face consequences. Soon all the hubbub is transferred to the great outdoors and all that is left is the fast clicking of keys labeled with letters, numbers and signs. The fingers that press these keys must soon depart, for the others are not the only ones who long for the fresh, clean air that is found in a forest full of cedars.  A cry of your name is sounded and, slightly reluctantly, you oblige the speaker and leave the calm, peaceful atmosphere, so unlike a few minutes ago, sitting in the front seat of the car, hearing all your two ears could take, quite possibly more!

Rebekah Stokes
Author of BeKaH's Blog