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Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Flowers Are Better Than Ferraris

Hello! This is my post about of  'Why Flowers Are Better Than Ferraris'

Flowers are better than Ferraris because............................

1. Ferraris stink of gas and unnecessary pollution, whereas flowers not only smell good, they are very good for the natural environment because they feed the bees and many animals.

 2. Flowers acquire their beautiful looks naturally and those looks last all their lives, Ferraris have to get paint jobs every few months.

3. Most people who have Ferraris are very snobby, whereas people who have flowers are not. 

4. Flowers are beautiful no matter what kind they are.  Most Ferrari kinds are quite ugly. 

5. If you crush up flowers (sometimes)  you can make dyes. All you get if you crush up a Ferrari is a crushed up Ferrari (and a really mad car owner).

6. Flowers can grow in two different habitats, the wild and your garden. Ferraris can only grow.... no where.

7. If you put flowers on your cakes or  dresses or shoes it will make them look much better. All that will happen if you put a Ferrari on all those things is: a squashed cake, a torn dress, and oily shoes.

8. You can put flowers in a lovely vase full of  water and nothing bad will happen to them. If you put a Ferrari in a vase of water it will rust. 

And that dear people is  'Why Flowers Are Better Than Ferraris'



PS The views expressed in this post are mostly just opinions and are not meant as offence to anyone 

i.e. I'm just a poor girl who has a brother who thinks anyone would be crazy not to love Ferraris. However, I do not love Ferraris and I believe the feeling is mutual.

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