-Dr. Seuss

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hi! Today I am going to blog about Fall :) I hope you enjoy it!

 Pink's out. Red's the new green.
Weathered old trees shed their Summer leaves.
The last of the flowers have gone, in favour of rain showers.
Only a few are here to stay. The rest just go away. Maples let go of their vast storage of whirly birds. The mighty Firs strip their trunks bare to warm the cold ground, and make a soft blanket for those in their snug holes under the dirt, so black. As well as a welcoming mat, for those who come back.

And another one :)......

Diamonds of dew twinkle on Ms. C. Spider's handiwork as the sun reveals the night's hidden treasures.
Cool and crisp, the morning air.
 Morning Glories open with care. 
Mr. D. Rooster cock-a-tooing loud and clear to wake all those that lay.
Little rabbits gaily at play, conspire, as they plan their day.
Dear old Mrs. F. Owl closes her eyes for a nap.
All on a Fall Morning.

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