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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Flat Tire

Stuck on a mountain top. 
Fuming about tires that go POP.
You may not notice, but the view's great.
Might as well resign yourself to Fate. 
Seeing as the spare tire has faded into thin air. 
Hopefully this spot isn't to near any bear's lair. 
Find your inner woodsmen! Attack those trees! 
Or you could put your thumb up and ask a friendly driver 'Please?' 

Wait a minute.
Hold that thought. 
Wife just got you to read the  manual.  
Load of rubbish, the lot. 
But, as she's pointed out. 
This silly book doesn't just give you a throbbing head. 
There's the spare tire, hiding away! 
You tell your wife ' I was going to say.....' 
Two eyes roll in their sockets. 
But you hardly notice, your feet feel like rockets.
Ready to blow you up, up, up. 
A blissful feeling of floating on air.

Wait a minute. 
Hold that thought. 
Wife better be adept at changing tires
Because you're  most certainly not! 

This is based on a true occurrence that happened on the way down
from Thanksgiving weekend in Kelowna. Though my father can change tires, he has a 
strange allergic reaction to all written instructions of any sort :) 

Thank you! 
Rebekah Stokes 
Author of BeKaH's Blog

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