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Monday, April 27, 2015

My Pets

 I am learning about Acrostic Poems this week. 
An acrostic poem looks like this-

An Acrostic Poem involves 
Carefree writing, no
Only make 
Sure each 
Time you start a new line 
It begins with the letters of your word
Certainly you would enjoy writing ACROSTIC Poems!
So it ends up looking like that |
Just thought I'd explain it first :)

Now sit back, relax and read about my all very different, and  all very interesting animals :)!

So susceptible 
Unaffected by most things
Getting food and cuddles is 
All he requires
Right at home in every lap, Sugar is always ready to take a nap! 


Totally unaware
Always getting into trouble (and mud)
Facing being left behind is her greatest 
Yep, that's our Taffy, and (though some of us may deny it) we all love her!


Making her way 
Over branch and under log
Happy to go where none have trod 
Acing every obstacle 
Keen for a hunt, however, is not above snuggling into a lap :)

Thank you!

Rebekah Stokes
Author of BeKaH's Blog

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  1. PS
    Sorry, I think some of the pet name titles came out weird.
    R S :)